About Tony Howard: Mastering Metal

Tony Howard is the founder and head sculptor at Steel Sculpt. His pathway into metal art sculpture began as a passionate pursuit that eventually evolved into his full-time profession. With a background deeply rooted in the quarry industry, Tony honed his steel skills through a mature apprenticeship and officially became a boilermaker. However, his love for welding and fabricating led him to create art pieces for family and friends during his spare time.

This journey led to Tony opening a studio workshop called Steel Sculpt in the picturesque Barossa Valley in South Australia.

The Evolutionary Artistry of Steel Sculpt

Today, Tony and his team’s artistic method is genuinely unique, described as ‘evolutionary.’ Unlike traditional approaches involving sketches or drafts, Steel Sculpt work unfolds organically. Each sculpture takes on a life of its own, guided by the team’s intuition and skill. 

Steel Sculpt employs a diverse range of materials to create their masterpieces, including hardwoods, granite, recycled metals, and various gauges of new steel.

Combining craftsmanship and recycled elements adds a distinctive character to each finished piece. 

Crafting Dreams: Commissioning metal art

Regardless of your dream piece, the team at Steel Sculpt can bring it to life. Discover how to commission a bespoke work of art that reflects your vision and captures timeless craftsmanship.

Every commission allows the Steel Sculpt team to showcase their master craftmanship and expanding repertoire.