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Tony Howard dabbled in metal sculpture for a long time before turning his passion into full-time work.

Having worked in the quarry industry for much of his life, Tony formalised his steel skills with a mature apprenticeship. Tony is officially a boilermaker by trade. But his love for welding and fabricating meant that he was often completing art works for family and friends in his spare time.

More recently, Tony qualified as a blacksmith. He is a regular volunteer at the Angaston Blacksmith Shop.

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About his methods

One of Tony’s greatest skills as an artist is his attention to detail. Every piece, no matter how it evolves or from what materials, is carefully and beautifully finished. It’s the mark of a master craftsman: Completely, perfectly finished works.

If you were to ask Tony about his artistic method, he would describe it as ‘evolutionary’. Never one to create sketches, drafts, or small works ahead of a larger piece, Tony’s work evolves as he goes along.

In most cases, even Tony isn’t quite sure what his sculptures will turn into. Each piece is different, and has a life of its own. That uniqueness is enhanced by the recycled materials with which Tony works.


Tony uses a range of materials to create his masterfully finished pieces.
Some of those materials include:

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Areas of interest

As an artist, Tony is always learning, and expanding his repertoire. This is how he came to be skilled in the art of blacksmithing.

While he’s not one to create delicate wrought iron pieces, Tony’s interest in blacksmithing extends into heavy, contemporary works, and the restoration of antique gates.

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